2009 ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitations


The workshop will take place in Évora, Portugal, 130 km south-east of Lisbon airport.

Due to its well-preserved old town centre, still partially enclosed by medieval walls, and a large number of monuments dating from various historical periods, including a Roman Temple, Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Participants will be lodged at:

Hotel M'AR de AR Muralhas

Reaching Évora:

Évora is easy to reach by car, bus, or train.

Arriving by bus

There is at least one bus departing every hour from Lisbon to Évora, from 7h00 to 22h00. Buses take between 1h30 and 1h45 to reach Évora and tickets cost 11.5 €. Please check the schedule here (in portuguese only).

The bus station is in front of Lisbon's zoo, approximately 6 km from the airport. It should take about 10 min by taxi and cost around 15 €. There is one bus from the airport to the bus station: bus number 96, also known as the "Aeroshuttle". The airport is not one of the ending stations of this bus: you should check in which direction the bus is travelling and take the buses going to "Polícia Municipal". The bus station is at the "Sete Rios - Expressos" stop, the 3rd stop after the airport. Don't confuse this bus with bus 91 ("Aerobus") that goes to the city center. The bus fare is 1.4 €. You can find the bus station here.

The bus station in Évora is within walking distance of the hotel (~700 m).

Arriving by train

There are currently three "fast" trains going from Lisbon to Évora daily (around 8h00, 14h00 and 18h00) that take 2h and cost 10 €. Exact schedules can be found here (the departure station should be "Lisboa - Oriente", close to Lisbon airport, or "Lisboa - Entrecampos", in the city center).

There are two buses stopping both at the airport and at Lisboa-Oriente: bus number 5 and bus number 96. Bus number 96 is the "Aeroshuttle" but please note that the airport is not one of the ending stations of this bus: you should check in which direction the bus is travelling and take the buses going to "Oriente". The bus goes straight to Oriente, without further stops. Don't confuse it with bus 91 ("Aerobus") that goes to the city center. Bus number 5 stops several times before Oriente, and in fact stops twice at Oriente, on both sides of the train station. The bus fare is 1.4 €. A taxi takes 5 minutes and costs 8-10€.

If you opt to go to Lisboa-Entrecampos train station (the trains to Évora stop at both stations but Entrecampos is slightly farther from the airport) you should take bus 91 ("Aerobus").

Arriving by car

If coming from Lisbon, you should head south ("Sul" or "Algarve"), crossing the river Tagus at either "Ponte 25 de Abril" or "Ponte Vasco da Gama". In the first case you will be driving in the A2 motorway. If you opt for the "Vasco da Gama" bridge (which is very close to the airport) you will have to drive in motorway A12 for some 40 Kms, and then join the A2. You should drive in the A2 motorway always heading south ("Algarve") until, some 20 km after the intersection of A2 and A12, you reach the exit to motorway A6, that goes to Spain and passes very close to Évora (road signs: "Espanha" or "Badajoz" or "Évora"). Take that exit and drive for 59 Kms in A6. Exit the A6 at "Évora" and drive 12 kms on a scenic national road (N114) until you reach Évora, 1h15m after leaving Lisbon.

If coming from the Algarve (300 km, 3h driving) or Porto (420 km, 4h driving), the other main airports in Portugal, you should drive to Lisbon and then follow the above directions. In case you use Faro airport (in the Algarve, with many cheap flight options), please note that the motorway connecting the Algarve to Lisbon is the above mentioned A2 and you will find the exit to Évora (A6 motorway) some 60 km before you reach Lisbon.

For those coming from Spain, the best option is to cross the border at Badajoz (100 km from Évora, 1h driving), and then drive on the A6 motorway for 83 Kms. Leave the A6 at "Évora" exit, and drive the last 10 km on the N18.