2-5 October 2012 - Coimbra (Portugal)

The annual ETSF Workshop series has developed into an invaluable reference point for the theoretical spectroscopy community. Under the auspices of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF) it provides a forum for excited states and spectroscopy in condensed matter physics, chemistry, nanoscience, materials science and molecular physics attracting theoreticians, code developers and experimentalists alike.
The 2012 ETSF workshop addresses the fundamentals of theoretical electronic structure, providing the in-depth coverage of Green function and non-perturbative approaches which is necessary to push the field forward. It aims to be an opportunity for meeting and discussion within the community, providing systematic cross-fertilization with all major research groups in the field. Highlighted topics are ultrafast, non perturbative, transient phenomena, materials with strong correlation, large biological and technologically relevant systems.

Train strike on 1-6 October - more information

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