The workshop will last 4 full days, starting on the morning of the 2nd, and finishing on the 5th afternoon.
Each session of the workshop will feature cutting edge keynotes in the topics of the following themes:

  • excited electronic states,
  • ultrafast, non-perturbative and transient phenomena,
  • strongly correlated systems,
  • complex systems (nano/bio): novel methods, and high-performance computing,

followed by contributions from ETSF scientists and other participants, as well as round table discussions of challenges in excited states and spectroscopy, and opportunities for developing specific theoretical tools.

The format for invited and highlighted presentations is of 25+5 minutes; for contributed talks of 15+5 minutes.

The program of oral presentations is complemented by a dedicated poster session. Poster boards will be A0 vertical 841 × 1189 mm.

All non-scientific tasks and technical meetings are placed before and after the scientific sessions, namely on Monday 1 October and on Saturday 6 October.