Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications

3rd International Workshop and School   

2008, August 31 - September 15

Invited Talks

Andreas Goerling (Erlangen, Germany) - TDDFT with frequency-dependent exchange-correlation kernels
Claudio Verdozzi
(Lund, Sweden) - TDDFT and Strongly Correlated Systems: Insight From Numerical Studies
Claudia Filippi
(Leiden, Netherlands) - Autofluorescent proteins: Are first-principle calculations predictive?
Daniele Varsano
(Modena, Italy) - Optical Saturation driven by Exciton Confinement in Molecular Chains: a TDDFT study
Kerstin Hummer
(Vienna, Austria) - Absorption spectra from TDDFT: do hybrid functionals account for excitonic effects?
Ivano Tavernelli
(Lausanne, Switzerland) - Non-adiabatic mixed quantum-classical dynamics using TDDFT
John Rehr
(Seattle, USA) - Real-time Approaches for Optical and X-ray Spectra
Kazuhiro Yabana
(Tsukuba, Japan) - Dynamics in dielectrics induced by ultrashort laser pulses
Kieron Burke
(Irvine, USA) - Semiclassical origins of density functional theory
Mark Casida
(Grenoble, France) - TDDFT pushing the limits of and going beyond the adiabatic approximation
Massimiliano di Ventra
(San Diego, USA) - Stochastic TDCDFT: a functional theory of open quantum systems
Neepa Maitra
(New York, USA) - TDDFT phase-space explorations
Nikos Doltsinis
(London, UK) - Nonadiabatic Car-Parrinello MD
Osamu Sugino
(Tokyo, Japan) - Nonadiabatic dynamics by TDDFT
Pina Romaniello
(Palaiseau, France) - Double excitations in finite systems
R.W. Godby
(York, UK) - Exchange and correlation in quantum transport
Risto Nieminen
(Helsinki, Finland) - Applications of TDDFT to clusters and nanostructures
Robert van Leeuwen
(Jyväskulä, Finland) - Time-Dependence and Interactions in Quantum Transport
Roi Baer
(Jerusalem, Israel) - Dogmatic and Pragmatic Spirits in Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
Silvana Botti
(Paris, France) - Photoelectronic properties of chalcopyrites for photovoltaic conversion: self-consistent GW calculations
Sohrab Ismail-Beigi
(Yale, USA) - Optical properties of GaN nanotubes from many-body GW-BSE perturbation theory
Stephan Kuemmel (Bayreuth, Germany) - Memory effects in real time: Probing the adiabatic approximation in TDDFT
Troy Van Voorhis
(MIT, USA) - Electron Transfer and Electron Transport: Fighting Self-Interaction in TDDFT
Xavier Andrade (San Sebastian, Spain) - From TDDFT to Molecular Dynamics
Yasutami Takada
(Tokyo, Japan) - The electron self-energy in the Green's-function approach: Beyond the GW approximation

Other participants

Arjan BERGER (Palaiseau, France)
Jussi ENKOVAARA (Helsinki, Finland)
Klaas GIESBERTZ (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Maria HELLGREN (Lund, Sweden)
Dirk HOFMANN (Bayreuth, Germany)
Thomas KOERZDOERFER (Bayreuth, Germany)
Ester LIVSHITS (Jerusalem, Israel)
Ilja MAKKONEN (Liverpool, UK)
Tapio T. RANTALA (Tampere, Finland)
Dario ROCCA (Davis, USA)
Gianluca STEFANUCCI (Rome, Italy)
Lorenzo STELLA (London, UK)
Meta VAN FAASSEN (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)