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International Journals

1 - Local modified Becke-Johnson exchange-correlation potential for interfaces, surfaces, and two-dimensional materials
T. Rauch, M.A.L. Marques, and S. Botti
J. Chem. Theor. Comput. 16, 2654-2660 (2020)

2 - The Abinit project: Impact, environment and recent developments
X. Gonze, B. Amadon, G. Antonius, F. Arnardi, L. Baguet, J.-M. Beuken, J. Bieder, F. Bottin, J. Bouchet, E. Bousquet, N. Brouwer, F. Bruneval, G. Brunin, T. Cavignac, J.-B. Charrau, W. Chen, M. Côté, S. Cottenier, J. Denier, G. Geneste, Ph. Ghosez, M. Giantomassi, Y. Gillet, O. Gingras, D.R. Hamann, G. Hautier, X. He, N. Helbig, N. Holzwarth, Y. Jia, F. Jollet, W. Lafargue-Dit-Hauret, K. Lejaeghere, M.A.L. Marques, A. Martin, C. Martins, H.P.C. Miranda, F. Naccarato, K. Persson, G. Petretto, V. Planes, Y. Pouillon, S. Prokhorenko, F. Ricci, G.-M. Rignanese, A.H. Romero, M.M. Schmitt, M. Torrent, M.J. van Setten, B. Van Troeye, M.J. Verstraete, G. Zérah, and J.W. Zwanziger
Comput. Phys. Commun. 248, 107042 (2020)

3 - Implications of pinned occupation numbers for natural orbital expansions. I: Generalizing the concept of active spaces
C. Schilling, C.L. Benavides-Riveros, A. Lopes, T. Maciążek, and A. Sawicki
New J. Phys. 22, 023001 (2020)

4 - Octopus, a computational framework for exploring light-driven phenomena and quantum dynamics in extended and finite systems
N. Tancogne-Dejean, M.J.T. Oliveira, X. Andrade, H. Appel, C.H. Borca, G. Le Breton, F. Buchholz, A. Castro, S. Corni, A.A. Correa, U. De Giovannini, A. Delgado, F.G. Eich, J. Flick, G. Gil, A. Gomez, N. Helbig, H. Hübener, R. Jestädt, J. Jornet-Somoza, A.H. Larsen, I.V. Lebedeva, M. Lüders, M.A.L. Marques, S.T. Ohlmann, S. Pipolo, M. Rampp, C.A. Rozzi, D.A. Strubbe, S.A. Sato, C. Schäfer, I. Theophilou, A. Welden, and A. Rubio
J. Chem. Phys. 152, 124119 (2020)

5 - Validation of pseudopotential calculations for the electronic band gap of solids
P. Borlido, J. Doumont, F. Tran, M.A.L. Marques, and S. Botti
accepted for publication in J. Chem. Theor. Comput. (2020)

6 - Advanced Raman Spectroscopy of Cs2AgBiBr6 Double Perovskites and Identification of Cs3Bi2Br9 Secondary Phases
P. Pistor, M. Meyns, M. Guc, H.-C. Wang, M.A.L. Marques, X. Alcobé, A. Cabot, and V. Izquierdo-Roca
Scr. Mater. 184, 24-29 (2020)

7 - Reduced density matrix functional theory for bosons
C.L. Benavides-Riveros, J. Wolff, M.A.L. Marques, and C. Schilling
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 180603 (2020)

8 - Accurate electronic band gaps of two-dimensional materials from the local modified Becke-Johnson potential
T. Rauch, M.A.L. Marques, and S. Botti
submitted (2020)

9 - Iodine molecule modifications with high pressure
J. Shi, S. Botti, M.A.L. Marques, T. Shinmei, T. Irifune, E. Fonda, A.-M. Flank, P. Lagarde, O. Mathon, V. Pischedda, A. Polian, J.-P. Itié, and A. San-Miguel
submitted (2020)

10 - Novel two-dimensional silicon–carbon binaries by crystal structure prediction
P. Borlido, A.W. Huran, M.A.L. Marques, and S. Botti
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (selected as 2020 HOT PCCP Article) 22, 8442-8449 (2020)

11 - The CECAM Electronic Structure Library and the modular software development paradigm
M.J.T. Oliveira, N. Papior, Y. Pouillon, V. Blum, E. Artacho, D. Caliste, F. Corsetti, S. de Gironcoli, A.M. Elena, A. Garcia, V.M. Garcia-Suarez, L. Genovese, W.P. Huhn, G. Huhs, S. Kokott, E. Kucukbenli, A.H. Larsen, A. Lazzaro, I.V. Lebedeva, Y. Li, D. Lopez-Duran, P. Lopez-Tarifa, M. Luders, M.A.L. Marques, J. Minar, S. Mohr, A.A. Mostofi, A. O Cais, M.C. Payne, T. Ruh, D.G.A. Smith, J.M. Soler, D.A. Strubbe, N. Tancogne-Dejean, D. Tildesley, M. Torrent, and V.W. Yu
submitted (2020)

12 - Exchange-correlation functionals for band gaps of solids: Benchmark, reparametrization and machine learning
P. Borlido, J. Schmidt, A.W. Huran, F. Tran, M.A.L. Marques, and S. Botti
accepted for publication in NPJ Comput. Mater. (2020)