\documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{fullpage} \begin{document} \begin{itemize} \section*{Papers} \subsection*{International Journals} \item[1] ``Roadmap on Machine Learning in Electronic Structure'', H. Kulik, T. Hammerschmidt, J. Schmidt, S. Botti, M.\,A.\,L. Marques, M. Boley, M. Scheffler, M. Todorović, P. Rinke, C. Oses, A. Smolyanyuk, S. Curtarolo, A. Tkatchenko, A. Bartok, S. Manzhos, M. Ihara, T. Carrington, J. Behler, O. Isayev, M. Veit, A. Grisafi, J. Nigam, M. Ceriotti, K.\,T. Schütt, J. Westermayr, M. Gastegger, R. Maurer, B. Kalita, K. Burke, R. Nagai, R. Akashi, O. Sugino, J. Hermann, F. Noé, S. Pilati, C. Draxl, M. Kuban, S. Rigamonti, M. Scheidgen, M. Esters, D. Hicks, C. Toher, P. Balachandran, I. Tamblyn, S. Whitelam, C. Bellinger, and L.\,M. Ghiringhelli, accepted for publication in Electron. Struct. (2022). \item[2] ``A new dataset of 175k stable and metastable materials calculated with the PBEsol and SCAN functionals'', J. Schmidt, H.-C. Wang, T.\,F.\,T. Cerqueira, S. Botti, and M.\,A.\,L. Marques, Sci. Data \textbf{9}, 64 (2022). \item[3] ``Machine-learning correction to density-functional crystal structure optimization'', R. Hussein, J. Schmidt, T. Barros, M.\,A.\,L. Marques, and Silvana Botti, accepted for publication in MRS Bull. (2022). \end{itemize} \end{document}